Finding Products

Browse by Category

You can navigate around 4×4 Store by clicking one of the category links in the left menu. This menu is available throughout the majority of the site – DVD’s and Videos, Recovery Gear, and more.. You will then be taken to a page that lists all subcategories and/or products in that category. Browse through the subcategories to find the products you are looking for. All products are listed alphabetically by default, however you can sort them by Price, by clicking the “Price” link just above the products list. Next, click on the product that you are interested in to get more information on that particular product.

Search by Make and Model (vehicle)

You can search just for the products available for your 4WD or AWD. Start by selecting the Shop by Make and model link in the top menu, or alternatively you may start from the front page of 4×4 Store. Select the vehicle make or model of your 4×4 by using the dropdown menu (front page) or selecting your make from the list.

Once you have selected the make, you will be presented with a list of models. Select the model you are looking for 4WD parts and accessories for. Next, select a year and also a product category if required. As you go through each step of the process, you will also be presented with products that match your criteria. You can search as narrow or as broadly as you wish.

Search by Brand

If you after parts or accessories from a particular manufacturer, start by selecting the manufacturer from the “Shop by Brand” dropdown menu, located on the left store menu. This will return all products listed for the manufacturer.

Search by Specific Items

You can search for just about anything you want with our general search feature. Enter your search terms into the search box located in the top menu just under our logo, then click the red button. The search will return all products that meet your search criteria. If you don’t find what you are looking for, broaden your search by using less specific terms, or click the “Search Again” link. This will take you to our advanced search feature which allows searching by category, manufacturer, price, weight, and more.