LED Tail Light Kit Universal LED Autolamp 280series with Mounting Brackets , includes Postage , 5 year Warranty

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Universal Wire , Led 12V Tray Back Tail light Kit with Alloy Mounting Brackets

ADR Approved All State Legal ,Genuine LED Autolamps 280ARWM 5 Year Warranty

Prewired with Resisters in place to stop Hyper Flash on indicator , Includes wire connection instructions

Universal Hard wire kit to suit most utes, ( Has to Be Joined Connected to Existing Wiring , Not Direct Plug in )

Postage included on This Item

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Universal Wire in  Led 12V Tray Back Tail light Kit

Sold as a pair including led resisters , Pre-wired to Single Deutsch Plug – 

Includes Led Number Plate Light

This Kit is suitable for Hard wiring / Splicing wiring to Vehicle , includes wiring instructions

This Kit Has to Be Joined Connected to Existing Wiring , Not Direct Plug in , for Direct plug in see other listings

Choice of Alloy 2.5mm checker plate Mounts  or Flat 2.5mm Alloy Mount plates includes Number Plate Mount or Choose No Mount Brackets
Use Drop Down Menu to select required Option

Fits all Alloy or Steel Trays

Australian made with ADR Compliance

LED AUTOLAMP Brand 280ARWM  5 Year Warranty
Dimensions of Tail lights 280mm long x 100mm High x 25mm Deep
Dimensions of Tail light Mounts 300mm long x 170mm High

Installation Information: 



Model: LEd Tail Kit Universal V2


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Warranty Information: 5 Year warranty