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Water Level Usage Gauge Battery Operated – includes Hose Barb tails to connect to water lines

Lets you know exactly how much water you have in your tank..

Works on Any water tank , Gravity feed or Pump Feed

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Topargee Battery Water Level Gauge

Breakthrough Design for the RV and Marine Industries

*Takes all the guess work out of your water supply.

*Displays number of litres left in your water tank.

*Counts down litre by litre from a preset amount.

*Know how much is used for washing, showers etc.

*Know your daily water usage in litres

*Essential for bush/ free camping.

*Fitted in water line, nothing is fitted to water tanks.

*One unit can be used for any number or size tanks.

​*Displays in gallons or litres.

*It can be used in conjunction with your current system to accurately know your capacity and usage.

.Includes hose connectors, Will work with 12V RV and marine water pumps and will even work with gravity fed systems.

Surface mount.

Very easy installation.

2 x AA battery power (supplied in Australia only)

Hose Fittings Now included

Suitable for Marine & RV applications.

Quick fit Velcro mounting.

1.4 Mt. sender lead.

Includes 1./2 to 1/2 Hose Tail Barb Connections – that are required to connect to water lines .

Sender leads can not be cut and joined, ext. leads must be used.

1.4 Mt. and 3 Mt. sender extension leads available.

1.4mtr $10 , 3mtr $17 additional charges apply


Installation Information: 

Easy DIY or we can fit for you

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